Pregnancy is not easy on the body. However, maternity compression garments can help new and expectant moms look and feel their best throughout pregnancy and motherhood. And while these products provide various benefits, moms may be unaware of how to use them safely. Certain products are designed for use at specific points during pregnancy or recovery, while other items are more versatile and can be used before, during, and after pregnancy. Pumps for Mom is here to make sure moms know how to use compression products safely so they can maximize their benefits and focus on what’s most important–taking care of themselves and their new baby.

When is the best time to wear maternity compression socks?

Maternity compression socks are one of the most versatile compression garments as they are easily worn on a daily basis at any point during a mom’s pregnancy or recovery. Compression socks improve circulation and reduce swelling in the legs and feet, which are some of the most uncomfortable side effects of pregnancy. By promoting blood flow in the lower part of the body, maternity compression socks help moms enjoy relief from tired legs and fatigue during pregnancy and into motherhood. Compression socks can be worn daily depending on what each mom needs and are available in several different sizes and levels of compression, so moms can find the product that works best for them. 

When should I wear a maternity belly band?

A maternity belly band, or a maternity support band, can be worn throughout every stage of pregnancy and is designed to grow with mom as she progresses over the course of these nine months. As the belly expands to support a growing baby, many moms experience pain or discomfort in the back, hips, pelvis, and abdomen. A belly band provides immediate support and relief for these areas of the body that are most likely to be a source of pain for an expectant mom. These gentle compression products are typically made with lightweight, breathable fabric so moms can comfortably wear the belly band as long as they need to. While support bands are typically used during pregnancy, they can provide support and stability during the early weeks of motherhood as well. Like compression socks, a belly band offers moms some versatility to maximize their unique benefits.

How long should I wear a postpartum compression product?

When it comes to postpartum recovery, a compression garment may be the right choice for many moms. A postpartum compression garment can be worn in the first few days after delivery and can help moms recover for several months afterward. Designed to provide targeted compression to the areas of the body most heavily affected by pregnancy and delivery, postpartum recovery garments can be worn up to three or four months after delivery so moms can feel their best in the early weeks of motherhood. Certain recovery garments are even specifically designed to support moms depending on their delivery method–either a natural or cesarean delivery. Postpartum compression products are made to improve stability and relieve discomfort throughout the back, abdomen, and pelvis, so moms can wear their garments as long as they are benefitting from them. 

From reducing swelling in the feet and legs during pregnancy to promoting healing in the abdominal muscles after labor and delivery, maternity compression products can help moms look and feel their best before, during, and after pregnancy. As if the benefits of maternity compression products weren’t enough, moms may even be able to get these products for free through insurance. Take advantage of your coverage with compression products made for moms!

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