There’s no denying it–moms are some of the busiest humans on planet earth. Whether they’re taking care of little ones while running errands or expecting their first baby while balancing a career, the to-do list never ends. Specifically, throughout pregnancy, it’s easy for moms to feel overwhelmed at the thought of everything that needs to get done before a newborn arrives. But one of the most important things moms can do during pregnancy is to make sure they order their breast pump, so they are ready to breastfeed when the time comes. However, insurance can be confusing, and some moms may not know how to get a breast pump through insurance providers like Medicaid. Pumps for Mom is here to help! Read below to learn more about how to get a breast pump through Medicaid with the Pumps for Mom experts. 

Are Breast Pumps Covered by Medicaid?

Yes, most Medicaid plans cover breast pumps, although exact coverage details differ depending on state policies. While Medicaid may not cover hospital-grade breast pumps, many plans will cover the cost of owning or renting a personal double electric breast pump. In most cases, Medicaid requires a prescription from a medical professional to cover the price of a breast pump. Pumps for Mom experts can get in touch with your doctor and help you get a prescription if needed. Additionally, because Medicaid benefits vary by state, some states or plans may not cover the breast pump that moms need. In these cases, moms can get in touch with their local WIC clinic to see if they have a breast pump program or work with Pumps for Mom to get a breast pump without insurance coverage.

How Can I Get a Breast Pump Through Medicaid?

New and expectant moms can use Pumps for Mom to get their breast pump through insurance, although it’s important to remember that many Medicaid plans will only process payment and ship your pump when the baby is born. Our qualification form makes it easy for moms to browse breast pumps that are covered by their Medicaid plan and order their pump when they are ready. The Pumps for Mom team can help you verify your insurance coverage, assist you in getting a prescription, and keep track of your breast pump when it’s on the way to you. When it comes to getting a Medicaid breast pump, we’re with you every step of the way.

Does Medicaid Cover Breast Pump Replacement Parts?

Some Medicaid plans may cover additional breast pumping equipment or replacement parts, but many breast pump brands offer their own warranties to help moms get what they need. If your Medicaid plan does not cover additional parts, you can order replacement parts covered by your warranty with your breast pump provider or check with your local WIC to see if they have any available services. 


Breast pumps help moms enjoy more flexibility as they breastfeed and are essential for moms returning to work. Although Medicaid coverage differs from state to state, Pumps for Mom is here to help moms find the best insurance breast pump for them. 

Motherhood may not be easy, but getting your breast pump through insurance can be with help from Pumps for Mom. With a range of breast pump brands and insurance-covered maternity compression garments, Pumps for Mom can help make new and expectant moms’ lives easier. Our team of experts is ready to walk you through the process step by step until your insurance breast pump arrives at your door. Fill out our qualification form today and find the best insurance breast pump for you.