How to Get A Breast Pump Through Insurance

As moms prepare for the arrival of their bundle of joy, most do not know that The Affordable Care Act states that insurance companies must provide “breastfeeding support, counseling, and equipment for the duration of breastfeeding.” So, most moms can qualify for a free breast pump through insurance at no cost! 

At Pumps For Mom, we make sure that moms have the best headstart on their breastfeeding journey by helping them order the right breast pump through insurance. And even if you don’t have insurance, you can still obtain an amazing breast pump with the guidance of Pumps For Mom. 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of steps to follow to get a breast pump through insurance. 


1. Ask Questions 

When in doubt, ask questions! The journey toward obtaining a breast pump through insurance is full of professionals and supportive people ready to help you through your doubts and concerns. Here are some key people you should ask questions to: 

Your Doctor

A doctor can help you assess if breastfeeding is right for you. Doctors can also provide breast pump recommendations and refer you to a lactation consultant for helpful breastfeeding tips and guidance. Additionally, many insurance plans require a prescription from your doctor, so it is always a good idea to express your interest in breastfeeding to your medical professional. 

Your Lactation Consultant 

Did you know that you may also qualify for a lactation consultant through insurance? If you can get a lactation consultant through insurance, they are a helpful resource that can help you navigate the world of breastfeeding and pumping. From recommending breastfeeding positions to supporting your breastfeeding and pumping decisions, a lactation consultant is there to address both physical and mental concerns that arise while breastfeeding.


Your breastfeeding journey is as much about you and your comfort as it is about bonding with your new baby! Depending on what your insurance covers, you may want to assess your breastfeeding plans to ensure you have access to the right tools. Ask yourself the following questions:

2. Fill Out The Pumps For Mom Form

Here’s the easy part: our Pumps For Mom form can make it simple to qualify and find a breast pump that’s right for you. Our qualification form asks you for basic information that you can fill out in just a few minutes. Once you’ve submitted your form, sit back and relax. When you enter your insurance information on our form, and we will contact your insurance to confirm the benefits your plan offers. If you qualify, you’ll receive a breast pump as soon as your insurance allows. This period may vary depending on your provider’s guidelines, but it is usually pretty quick. 


And it’s as simple as that! When you trust Pumps for Mom, obtaining a breast pump can be simple! With a wide range of accessories, maternity garments, and of course, breast pumps, we give moms the freedom to choose the tools they need to make their breastfeeding journey an incredible experience. Our form makes it easy to know if you qualify for a breast pump through insurance. Reach out to our team at Pumps For Mom to learn more about how to get a pump today!