Breast Pumps at Pumps for Mom: Product Guide

Navigating the world of breast pumps can be daunting. Who knew there were so many options out there? Pumps for Mom is here to help you on your journey to finding the right breast pump. We offer many breast pump brands through insurance, with various models including electric pumps, hospital-grade ones, and more. Check out all of the brands we offer and some featured pumps in the guide below. 

Breast Pumps

Breast pumps through insurance are our primary focus at Pumps for Mom. We are here to support moms, making sure they aren’t alone in their search for the best breast pump. Simply fill out our online order form, and our experts will guide you through everything from getting a doctor’s prescription to ordering your pump. Below, we explore each of our breast pump brands and highlight some of the top pumps for each. 


Ameda breast pumps offer comfort, efficiency, great customization settings, portability, and safety features that keep your pump sanitary. Ameda has been in the business for over 75 years, and they continue to modify their breast pumps to offer the highest-quality models fit for today’s world. 

Ameda Product Spotlight: The Ameda Mya Joy PLUS

The Ameda Mya Joy PLUS is an excellent choice. It offers hospital-quality performance with a minimal pump design that fits snugly in your hand’s palm. It has a long-lasting rechargeable battery, USB charging cord, and wrist lanyard for easy transportation and comfortable pumping.


Ardo breast pumps are some of the quietest pumps on the market. They combine high performance with impressive power and vacuum seal technology to keep your pump clean and safe for use. 

Ardo Product Spotlight: Ardo Calypso Essentials

Ardo Calypso Essentials features an independent vacuum and cycle adjustments for maximum comfort and gentleness. It’s incredibly quiet with an easy-to-use operation and hospital-grade technology that assures a gentle touch. The closed system allows for ample protection from contamination. Overall, the Ardo Calypso Essentials pump offers an efficient and comfortable pumping experience. 


Drive breast pumps mimic a baby’s natural nursing rhythm and suckling pattern. They offer an excellent choice for expressing milk from both breasts simultaneously. 

Drive Product Spotlight: Drive Pure Expressions Dual Channel Economy Electric Breast Pump

Drive’s Pure Expression Economy Breast Pump provides an authentic pumping experience that feels like a nursing baby. It has suction control and speed settings to suit your comfort level, 2-phase expression stimulation and expression mode, easy assembly and cleaning, a timer, and a memory function that auto-saves the last pumping session.


Elvie pumps offer ultimate convenience for moms on the go. Elvie pumps are among the lightest and quietest pumps on the market today. They’re wearable for active moms who are constantly moving around. 

Elvie Product Spotlight: Elvie Double Electric Breast Pump

The Elvie Double Electric Breast Pump is silent, wearable, and designed for moms to pump anywhere, anytime. It connects to the free Elvie app for additional features, making it even more convenient for moms to use and keep track of their pumping. This Elvie pump will automatically switch from Stimulation to Expression mode and stop pumping when the bottle is complete—it’s convenient for moms to pump during their daily routine. 


Lansinoh created the first Bluetooth-enabled breast pump and remained a leading brand in intelligent pump technology. Lansinoh pumps prioritize comfort, efficiency, safety, and convenience with features such as dishwasher-safe parts and optional battery power. 

Lansinoh Product Spotlight: Lansinoh Smartpump 2.0 Deluxe

The Lansinoh Smartpump 2.0 Deluxe allows discreet pumping from anywhere with an ultra-quiet motor, ComfortFit® flanges, Bluetooth® capabilities to track pumping sessions, adjustable hospital strength suction levels, three pumping styles to choose from, and many more features designed to make moms’ lives easier.  


Medela is one of the most popular breast pump brands on the market. It has been a go-to pump for generations, with its reliable features allowing moms to express breast milk quickly, easily, and safely.

Medela Product Spotlight: Medela Pump in Style w/ MaxFlow

Medela’s Pump in Style w/ MaxFlow is for moms who pump often and need a double electric breast pump. It makes breastfeeding more accessible and, with MaxFlow™ technology and 2-Phase Expression®, enables more efficient milk production. The Medela Pump in Style features hospital performance, an advanced motor for effective breast pumping, an operation proven to increase milk volume, etc.   


Spectra breast pumps are known for their power, portability, quiet motor, battery option, and customizable pump settings. They offer several models that all provide moms with incredible flexibility when pumping. 

Spectra Product Spotlight: Spectra S2 Plus

The Spectra S2 Plus is portable, rechargeable, quiet, and discreet. It’s lightweight with a massage mode that mimics natural suckling, offers backflow protection, has adjustable suction levels, and comes with single or double pump capability. 


Zomee breast pumps are designed with moms in mind and are known for versatility. Zomee pumps are rechargeable, portable, and super convenient. Zomee’s mission is to make breast pumping easier and safer with user-friendly features. 

Zomee Product Spotlight: Zomee Z2

The Zomee Z2 pump provides more care for both mom and baby! It’s small and portable, making it convenient for moms to pump anywhere. It offers a unique alternating double suction pattern, detachable silicon-ringed breast shields, different size flanges, touch screen capabilities, comfortability, a rechargeable internal battery, and more!

Are you interested in learning more about any of the breast pumps we offer at Pumps for Mom? We’re happy to help you pick out a pump, plus we can walk you through getting a free one through insurance. Simply fill out our online form or reach out to the team at Pumps for Mom today. We can’t wait to get you started on your pumping adventure!