As one of the hottest breast pumps on the market, the Medela Freestyle Flex™ is an excellent choice for any new mom to consider. With its design and portability, the Medela Freestyle Flex™ is an upgrade made for on-the-go moms who need a pump that they can whip out and use anywhere. At Pumps for Mom, we know that convenience matters, and every nursing mama needs an efficient pump. Read below to learn more about this special pump and everything it offers. 


The Medela Freestyle Flex™ weighs less than one pound, making it compact, light, and easy to carry. It also boasts a closed system with overflow protection, meaning that your breast milk won’t enter the tubing or motor. The PersonalFit Flex™ breast shields adapt to your breast shape for personalized comfort. Finally, a built-in USB-chargeable battery offers convenient pumping anywhere, with a two-hour battery life between charges.  

Whether or not you’re exclusively pumping or building up your supply in addition to breastfeeding, having a reliable, handy breast pump is essential. You may be traveling in and out of the NICU, pumping at home, or out and about—either way, the main benefit of the Medela Freestyle Flex™ is its ease of use. 

What’s Included 

The Medela Freestyle Flex™ comes with many accessories to make pumping easier. Every piece comes together for the ultimate package of new-mom-friendly goods. It includes the following parts:

  • Freestyle Flex™ breast pump with rechargeable lithium-ion battery makes it easy to pump on the go
  • 21mm PersonalFit Flex™ Breast Shields to provide ultimate comfort 
  • 24mm PersonalFit Flex™ Breast Shields to offer another great option
  • Connectors to keep everything running smoothly
  • 5oz/150ml bottles with lids for better storage
  • Bottle stands to keep everything in place
  • Tubing for smooth operation
  • Carry bag for easy transport
  • Cooler bag with cooling element to keep breast milk cool and safe
  • Power adaptor with USB-C charging cable to charge anywhere


Designed for an active lifestyle, the compact size of the Medela Freestyle Flex™ offers the flexibility to express wherever and whenever you like. With 11.8% faster milk flow than pumps with traditional 90° breast shields, you don’t have to compromise performance. Two-phase expression technology mimics the baby’s natural sucking rhythm to provide a comfortable experience.  

This pump connects to the MyMedela® app, allowing for easy tracking, pumping tips, and interactive checklists. At the same time, the timer feature is another convenient aspect for keeping up with how long your pumping sessions last. The parts are simple to clean and set up, the pump is quiet, and the backlit touchscreen makes pumping at night a breeze—everything about this pump is designed to make your life easier. 

Whether you want to purchase the Medela Freestyle Flex™ or another Medela breast pump, or if you have more questions about breast pumping, Pumps for Mom is here to help. We can also guide you through the process to qualify for a free breast pump through insurance. Don’t hesitate to reach out and learn more today!