How To Use a Lansinoh Breast Pump

If you’ve chosen a Lansinoh breast pump to help you along your pumping journey, you’ve made a terrific choice. Lansinoh breast pumps are pioneers in the breast pump world as the first Bluetooth-enabled pump on the market. With over 35 years on the market and several models to choose from, whichever Lansinoh pump you select is sure to set you up for pumping success. 

Our catalog of Lansinoh breast pumps offers only the best from this trusted brand. If you’ve just received your breast pump, allow the friendly experts at Pumps for Mom to walk you through using your specific model. Below, you’ll find comprehensive guides on using the Lansinoh pumps that you can obtain through insurance at Pumps for Mom. 

Lansinoh Breast Pumps at Pumps for Mom

Pumps for Mom offers outstanding Lansinoh pumps. Known for their quiet motor and comfort, this high-quality brand is a favorite among moms everywhere. So whatever your lifestyle, you’re sure to find a Lansinoh breast pump for your unique needs. 

Pump Assembly 

Before you begin pumping, make sure your pump is ready to go. Regardless of the Lansinoh pump you choose, pump assembly is generally the same across the board. 

  1. Place the purple silicone diaphragm feet down on the top of the flange body. Ensure the diaphragm fits securely between the rims of the breast flange body.
  2. Place a clear diaphragm cap over the breast flange body and twist it to secure it so the tubing portal faces the back of the pump.
  3. Firmly push the ComfortFit® flange into the breast flange body.
  4. Holding the base of the white valve, gently secure the valve to the bottom of the breast flange body. 
  5. Ensure the tubing is pushed all the way over the port and completely covers it.
  6. Screw the collection bottle onto the breast flange body.
  7. Attach the other end of the tubing to the Y connector.
  8. Attach the end of the 300mm tubing to the back of the diaphragm cap. Ensure that tubing is pushed all the way to the base of the attachment port and completely covers it. Attach the other end of the 300mm tubing to the Y connector.

Ensure Proper Alignment

Hold the flanges to your breasts so your nipples align with the tunnels. There should be no space or gaps for air to enter. The set should be tilted slightly downward for easy expression into the bottles. 

Let Down & Expression Phases

By pressing the power button, you’ll initiate the letdown phase. With all Lansinoh breast pumps, the letdown phase lasts two minutes. The pump will then enter expression mode. To bypass the letdown phase, simply press the letdown/expression toggle button (it should have an icon with drops) when turning on your pump.

Adjusting for Comfort

With eight levels of suction, you can adjust your Lansinoh pump’s suction strength using the control button. Additionally, with Customizable Pumping Styles, you can select a pumping style that mimics your baby’s natural suckling patterns. 


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