It’s totally normal for new moms to have some breast milk supply concerns. After all, producing enough milk to keep a growing baby full is hard work! As long as your baby is on track for growth and weight gains, you and your baby are headed in the right direction. But if you notice that you consistently don’t have enough breast milk during feedings, Pumps for Mom has some hacks to boost your breast milk supply. From herbal supplements to some simple life changes, moms have plenty of options to try and increase breast milk supply.

1. Express milk as often as possible

Whether you nurse or use a breast pump, increasing the frequency of breast milk expression signals your body to boost supply. Breastfeeding is a classic example of supply and demand, where your body responds to increased demand for breast milk by increasing supply to match. To meet the needs of most babies, moms should be pumping or nursing at least eight times per day on average. However, adding in an extra pumping session early in the morning or around bedtime in the evening can help increase breast milk supply by signaling an increased demand. Additionally, moms who pump exclusively or pump away from their baby can use a double electric breast pump to help save time and produce more milk when pumping on both sides simultaneously. 

2. Combine nursing and pumping

Combining nursing and pumping is one of the most reliable ways for moms to boost their breast milk supply. A routine that combines both of these methods of breast milk expression can help moms breastfeed more flexibly, as there are several ways to nurse and pump, and increase breast milk supply over time. Nursing from one breast and pumping from the other simultaneously, nursing and then pumping, and alternating between nursing and pumping throughout the day can all help signal your body to produce more breast milk. If your breasts do not feel empty after a pumping or breastfeeding session, taking a moment to pump can also signal your body to increase breast milk supply to meet growing demand. 

3. Take care of yourself

After experiencing the physical marvels of pregnancy, it probably won’t shock new moms to learn that things happening in one area of the body can have a surprising effect on other parts of the body. Everything from stress to an unhealthy diet can impact breast milk supply, especially in those first few weeks of breastfeeding when physical recovery from labor and delivery is so important. Sticking to a healthy, well-rounded diet, drinking lots of water, and resting whenever possible can help get your body in the best shape for making breast milk. A breast pump can also help you set aside some time for self-care, as this device makes it possible for a partner to help out with feedings.

4. Give galactagogues a try

Galactagogues are naturally occurring substances found in different foods and herbs that serve as lactation enhancers to increase breast milk supply for nursing mothers. Each mom responds to galactagogues differently, so the most effective way to use these substances is to simply try them and see if you notice an increased breast milk supply. One of the most well-known natural galactagogues moms may want to try is fenugreek, which is an herb that can be incorporated into a range of foods and teas. Other foods that are not technically classified as galactagogues may still help boost breast milk supply, such as spinach, oats, and fennel. Be sure to check with your doctor before making any significant changes in your diet to be sure these changes are what’s best for you and your baby.

5. Work with a professional

Breastfeeding may be a natural process, but there is a definite learning curve to breastfeeding successfully and achieving a steady breast milk supply. If you are struggling with breast milk supply after trying some solutions on your own, don’t be afraid to reach out to a lactation consultant or your doctor for support. It’s totally normal for things not to go as planned throughout your breastfeeding journey, and an insecure latch or an improper breastfeeding position may be the cause of low breast milk supply. A lactation consultant, pediatrician, or obstetrician may be able to help you solve the root problem of your breast milk supply so you and your little one can breastfeed smoothly going forward.

Moms don’t breastfeed because it’s easy, but because they know that it is best for their little one. Whether you introduce some new foods, try some new relaxation techniques, or work with a lactation consultant, there are steps you can take to increase your breast milk supply and breastfeed like a pro.

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