Moms enter a whole new world of diapers, bottles, onesies, and burp cloths when they bring their newborn home for the first time. As magical as it can be to welcome your little one home, all the new responsibilities as a new mom can be a little stressful. Pumps for Mom is here to support new moms navigating those first few weeks and to remind moms to take some time for themselves. Read below to find some helpful tips to destress with a newborn at home.

Take a break from breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a powerful and unique bonding opportunity for moms and babies, but countless feedings every day can take a physical and emotional toll on new moms. Taking a break from breastfeeding can help moms enjoy a moment to rest, but they don’t have to sacrifice their breast milk during this time. A breast pump can give moms some much-needed freedom when it comes to feedings. New moms can use a breast pump to express breast milk ahead of time and then pass the responsibility of feedings to a partner while moms take a minute for themselves. With Pumps for Mom, new moms can get a free breast pump through insurance so they can enjoy flexibility throughout their breastfeeding journey without breaking the budget.

Rely on your support system

When parenting gets hard, remember you don’t have to do everything on your own. There are some things that only moms can do, but it really does take a village to care for a newborn. Whether you turn to your partner, parents, grandparents, or other members of your support system, don’t be afraid to let the people who love you most take care of your little one while you take time to destress. Accepting help when offered can help you appreciate your time with your newborn and prevent unnecessary frustration.

Get out of the house

Time can cease to exist with a newborn as days and nights run together with repeated feedings, diaper changes, and nap times. Before you know it, you may not have washed your hair, let alone left the house, in days. To fight against cabin fever, moms should try and take a few moments out of the house to gain a whole new perspective on parenthood. Whether it’s a new mom support group, a mommy-and-me exercise class, or even a solo walk around the neighborhood, finding an excuse to get out of the house can give moms a renewed source of energy. 

Find time for yourself

Self-care has become one of the hot topics in parenting today, but taking time for yourself is easier said than done when there’s a newborn in the nursery. However difficult it may be, one of the best ways moms can destress is to remind yourself that they are more than just a new mom–you are still your own person! A five-minute meditation session, a long shower or bath, an exercise class you’ve been wanting to try, or making your favorite meal can help you take care of yourself. Reminding yourself to prioritize self-care is important as you learn how to be a mom. You are still your own person, but now you just have a bundle of joy added into your life!

Being a mom is no easy task. Sleepless nights, unending dirty diapers, and a dishwasher full of bottles can make even the strongest moms crave a break. Give yourself patience as you navigate this new world of motherhood, and remember to take the time you need to destress so you can love your little one best.

Pumps for Mom is passionate about giving moms as much free time as possible so they can love on their little one and look after themselves. We do this with our stress-free qualification form, a variety of breast pump brands, and our expert team, so moms can get their breast pump through insurance quickly and easily. Take some time for yourself, and let the Pumps for Mom team handle your breast pump through insurance.