Everything You Need To Know About Triple-Feeding

Breastfeeding mamas know all too well that breastfeeding and pumping is a journey with many ups, downs, alternate routes, loops, and all kinds of surprises. While bonding with your baby through feeding is an inimitable experience, some moms may be recommended to feed in a way that benefits themselves or their child. 

Pumps for Mom wants mothers to feel empowered with their breastfeeding choices by offering them the information they need to navigate the breastfeeding world with knowledge. Whether you have considered switching to triple feeding or been advised to, here’s everything you need to know about this valuable feeding and pumping method.  


What is Triple Feeding?

Triple feeding is a three-way approach to breastfeeding, usually performed every 2-3 hours or based on a baby’s hunger cues. A mom employs several methods to feed her baby while triple feeding, one right after the other. 

Step One: Nursing

The first step of triple feeding is nursing the baby. A mom puts her baby on her breast for about 15-20 minutes or until the baby is done feeding. A breastfeeding bra may be ideal for moms looking for comfortable ways to nurse.

Step Two: Pumping 

Immediately after nursing a child, step two consists of using a breast pump to expel milk. The time spent pumping may vary, but it should usually take about 20-30 minutes. Pumping after nursing can increase milk volume while triple feeding. 

Step Three: Offering Baby Recently Expressed Milk Or Formula 

After pumping, the final step of triple feeding is to give a baby expressed milk via bottle, syringe, or any other nursing object. Some pediatricians may recommend offering baby formula instead of breast milk. 


The History Of Triple Feeding

Starting in the NICU (newborn intensive care unit), triple feeding was used to help premature infants grow stronger. Now, triple feeding is a breastfeeding plan that can be used for any baby who would benefit from it.


Why Would Someone Triple Feed? 

Triple feeding can address several concerns, making the breastfeeding journey more efficient. Some common reasons a mom may triple feed are to help the baby improve their latching, manage low milk supply, and to ensure the baby gains weight. Talking about your triple-feeding progress with a pediatrician or a lactation consultant is important to make sure you keep track of goals.


You Got This!

Mamas who triple-feed may face many challenges, but this time is worth it for your baby’s health and your milk production. Although this process may be labor-intensive, ensuring that your baby gets enough milk is incredibly important. Enjoy this time to bond with your baby and slowly monitor their progress. Ensuring you have a great breast pump to suit your needs and lifestyle is essential to getting the most out of triple-feeding. When in doubt, talk to your pediatrician for more information, advice, and guidance about triple-feeding. 


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