How to Help a Baby with Gas While Breastfeeding

New mamas know that a baby with gas can be the stuff of nightmares. A newborn who is giggly and cuddly one minute can burst into tears the next, all because of gas. This is completely normal because as babies grow, their gastrointestinal systems are maturing, too. And while gas may be an unavoidable part of infancy, there are some things breastfeeding moms can do to help a baby with gas. Read below to learn some tips and tricks to help breastfed babies with gas and discover how a breast pump can make a difference.

Double-check your latch.

One of the main ways babies develop gas is by taking in too much air as they feed. Some air naturally gets in during a feeding session, whether breastfeeding or providing expressed breast milk in a bottle. But an insecure latch can lead to infants swallowing too much air and becoming uncomfortable because of gas that cannot be relieved by burping. Switching up breastfeeding positions and double-checking that your little one has a secure latch can help moms breastfeed more comfortably and keep babies from getting too gassy. 

Try using a breast pump.

If your little one consistently struggles to maintain a secure latch or feeds too quickly, a breast pump may be a ready-made solution to help with gas. Babies can still swallow air when feeding from a bottle of expressed breast milk, but moms have much more control over how the bottle fits into a baby’s mouth compared to breastfeeding. Additionally, moms may not know how much breast milk an infant is consuming when breastfeeding, and they may feed too quickly. By using a breast pump and feeding expressed breast milk, moms can see exactly how much breast milk their little one is ingesting throughout a feeding session.

Burp throughout feedings.

This may seem like common sense, but don’t forget to burp! Newborns’ immature GI systems need some help to pass gas and keep them comfortable. Parents can burp their little ones multiple times throughout a feeding to prevent a buildup of gas that leads to discomfort and fussiness. Frequent burping can help a baby with gas whether mom is breastfeeding or using a breast pump. And don’t be afraid to mix up your burping method! Just like everyone else, babies have different kinds of gas that can be relieved in different ways.

Examine your diet.

There is limited scientific research confirming that a breastfeeding mom’s diet has a direct impact on the gassiness or fussiness of a nursing baby. But there is no harm in paying extra attention to what you are eating and if your little one has a negative reaction to something specific. For example, some moms have reported that spicy foods or garlic result in their breastfed baby having worse gas. Each baby is unique, so moms may discover over time that certain foods make their little ones gassier. Just like the rest of motherhood, breastfeeding is a learning process!


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