There is no denying that motherhood comes with a bit of a learning curve. Whether you are a first-time mom or a parenting pro, there will be new things to learn about your baby, breastfeeding, and all of the other amazing experiences that come with raising a newborn. Understanding the different types of breast pumps can help new moms prepare for a successful breastfeeding journey before their little one even arrives. Learn more about the various types of breast pumps, and work with Pumps for Mom to find the right pump for you!

Double Electric Breast Pumps

As one of the most popular types of breast pumps on the market, double electric breast pumps provide an ideal balance of power, efficiency, and comfort for mamas who pump exclusively or have a regular pumping schedule. Double electric breast pumps typically have two main features—they run on an electric motor that is either battery-powered or AC-powered and automatically pump from both breasts at the same time. Many of the top breast pump brands feature double electric pumps, so moms can choose from popular manufacturers like Medela, Spectra, Ameda, Lansinoh, and more. Additionally, double electric breast pumps are frequently covered by health insurance plans, so moms may be able to get a double electric breast pump for free through insurance.

Battery-Powered Breast Pumps

Although battery-powered breast pumps can fall within the category of double electric pumps, these unique types of breast pumps are becoming increasingly popular and deserve to be highlighted! Battery-powered breast pumps can come with batteries that are recharged between pumping sessions, or AA batteries can provide reliable and lightweight power. Additionally, these versatile breast pumps are perfect for moms on the move because they often come with options for AC power in addition to battery power if moms need some extra suction strength wherever they go. As more moms look for flexibility as they breastfeed, more brands are offering more options for battery-powered breast pumps

Manual Breast Pumps

Breast pump brands and moms know that sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. And for nursing moms who breast pump occasionally or don’t want to rely on electric power, a manual option may be their ideal type of breast pump. Manual breast pumps rely on a lever or handle attached to the pump which provides suction to express breast milk. It’s tough to beat the portability offered by manual breast pumps, and these devices are usually the most cost-efficient option for moms who plan on breastfeeding every once in a while. 


There are so many different types of breast pumps because there are so many different types of moms! Work with the maternity product specialists at Pumps for Mom, and we can help you find the right breast pump for your unique needs. We offer top breast pump brands and have a wide range of insurance coverage options, so moms can get the right breast for them without breaking the bank. Explore our available products and qualify through insurance today!