Whether you planned for a C-section or had to adjust your birth plan at the last minute to include this procedure, a C-section is serious business! This is considered major surgery and requires plenty of recovery time where new mamas need to go easy on their bodies. However, it can be tough to get enough rest with a newborn who needs constant care. A C-section compression garment may be the product you have been dreaming of. Read below to learn about the benefits of a C-section compression garment and how you can order one through insurance with Pumps for Mom.

Specialized Compression for C-Section Recovery

The hips, lower back, abdomen, and pelvis are all affected by pregnancy and delivery by C-section. The C-section incision also makes recovery more challenging because moms need to be extremely careful about caring for this area. A high-quality C-section recovery garment will feature targeted compression for the most affected muscle groups and protect the incision for a faster recovery. For example, the Sienna C-Section Recovery Garment stabilizes the incision site and supports the back and abdominal muscles with gentle compression. On the other hand, a typical postpartum belly band or C-section underwear can irritate the incision and may not provide the ideal levels of support in the right places. For serious surgeries like C-sections, moms deserve specialized recovery products to help them feel their best.

Comfortable Features

As important as compression is, a C-section recovery garment should also be comfortable! After going through nine months of pregnancy, moms deserve to feel their best in their bodies, and comfortable features can help. The Sienna C-Section Recovery Garment, for example, is easy to wear under any style of clothing thanks to soft, moisture-wicking fabric and seamless support panels. Plus, this product features an easy-to-use side zipper so moms don’t have to strain their recovering muscles or incision site to take the garment on or off. A thoughtfully designed compression product made with comfortable fabrics makes it possible for moms to enjoy their recovery without suffering through discomfort.

Available Through Insurance

From covering medical costs to stocking up on the right products, having a baby can be expensive. Thankfully, many health insurance providers will cover the cost of a C-section compression garment for new moms. Some insurance plans may require a prescription from your doctor or may only pay for a portion of the total cost. Get your C-section recovery garment without the stress by working with Pumps for Mom! Our maternity product specialists will work directly with you and your insurance provider to get you the best maternity compression products that work for your budget.

At Pumps for Mom, we are proud to walk with moms through every step of their motherhood journey, from pregnancy and postpartum recovery to breastfeeding and beyond. Our insurance-covered maternity products give new and expectant moms the tools that they need to focus on themselves and their little ones when it matters most. Explore our wide range of compression products and breast pumps through insurance today!