As if nine months of pregnancy weren’t hard enough, labor and delivery take a serious toll on the body. Moms need plenty of time to recover, especially if they deliver through a C-section. Although Cesarean deliveries are common procedures, they are still considered major surgery, and moms need several weeks of recovery to let their bodies recuperate. Pumps for Mom is here to help new moms find a balance between time for recovery and looking after a newborn. Read below to learn more about breastfeeding and recovery after a C-section.

Breastfeeding after a C-section – tips for the hospital

It is widely recommended for moms to start breastfeeding as soon as possible after delivery. And although moms may be able to experience some skin-to-skin contact with their baby immediately after delivery, moms who have a C-section will likely have some time apart from their little one as the doctor finishes surgery. However, as most medications used in C-sections are safe for breastfeeding, moms should be able to start breastfeeding or expressing breast milk when their little one is ready.

It may be challenging to find a comfortable position to breastfeed after a C-section because moms need to move carefully to protect their incision site. Specifically, the football hold and the side hold are some recommended breastfeeding positions for moms after a C-section. With the football hold, the baby’s back rests on mom’s forearm, and while she supports the baby’s neck in her palm, mom can lead her baby to the breast. In the side hold, mom can lay on her side facing her newborn, and using pillows for support, she can bring the nipple to the baby’s mouth. Both of these positions help moms and babies breastfeed comfortably and avoid putting too much strain on the incision site as moms recover. When moms are still in the hospital at the beginning of recovery, they should reach out to a medical professional if they are struggling to find a comfortable breastfeeding position, especially if the hospital has a lactation consultant available.

Breastfeeding after a C-section – tips for home

Even after moms return home from the hospital, they need to be gentle on their bodies and give their incision site several weeks to heal sufficiently. This means not lifting anything heavier than their newborn, limiting sudden movements, and leaning on a partner to provide a helping hand. Once back at home, moms can continue practicing different breastfeeding positions to find what works best for her and for the baby as mom’s body heals. Breast pumps may help moms adjust to those early days of breastfeeding, and they assist moms in building up their breast milk supply to keep up with a baby’s growing appetite.

C-Section Recovery Garments

For moms who want to make the most out of their recovery, a C-section recovery garment may be the way to go. These postpartum compression products are specifically designed for new moms to enjoy an easier recovery after a C-section. A C-section recovery garment should stabilize and protect the incision site for improved healing, as well as provide hip and lower back support with compression that reduces swelling. In many cases, these postpartum recovery garments are covered by insurance so moms can experience an easier recovery without breaking the bank. Work with Pumps for Mom and see if you can get a C-section recovery garment through insurance so you can feel your best as you focus on spending time with your new little one.

Being a new parent comes with plenty of challenges, which is why moms need to take their time to recover after crossing the finish line of pregnancy and delivery. Take your first few weeks of being a new mom slowly, get started with the trial and error of breastfeeding, and enjoy getting to know your little one while you recuperate. You’ve got this, mama!

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