Breast Milk
What does My Breast Milk Color Mean_ A Complete Guide to Understand Breast Milk Color
If you’re a first-time mama, you’ve likely done your research on the benefits of breast milk. However, you might not know that your breast milk can change colors. Most of the time, this change of shade is normal. But in the case that it’s not, it’s important to know when to call a healthcare professional. ...
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Breast Milk Benefits for Preemies
Breast milk is vital for a newborn’s health and development. However, it is especially crucial for babies born prematurely. Because they’ve lost days or weeks of growth in the womb, premature babies, or preemies, need special care, attention, and, of course, breast milk to begin their lives on a healthy note.  At Pumps for Mom,...
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The Benefits of Pumping Breast Milk
New and expecting moms face tons of challenging decisions, with one of the most critical being: Should I pump or breastfeed? The truth is, feeding your baby isn’t so black or white. While both options have several pros and cons, the decision to pump or breastfeed will depend on your and your infant’s unique needs. ...
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The journey of motherhood is transformative, and breastfeeding is a unique part of that journey. Many even describe breastfeeding as a magical experience. We stand by that claim! There are multiple reasons why breastfeeding is magical, and one of those reasons is breast milk. Breast milk nourishes and nurtures babies in ways no other form...
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Mom breastfeeding baby
Whether or not this is your first child, chances are you’ve been doing everything you can to ensure your transition from pregnancy to early parenthood is as smooth as possible. From baby books to endless social media infographics, moms can prepare for their little ones in a million different ways. If you’ve decided to breastfeed,...
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Feeding your baby breast milk is a surefire way to give your child all the proper nutrients they need to grow. From offering a complete form of nutrition to encouraging emotional development, the benefits of breast milk and breastfeeding never end. Whether you’re pumping or full-time nursing, offering a baby breast milk can lead to...
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Congrats, mama! You’ve brought a beautiful baby into this world, and the journey of motherhood awaits with open arms. As your body recovers, you may look forward to breastfeeding your baby for the first time. All the time you’ve invested in preparing to nurse and pump while waiting for your bundle of joy will finally...
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Breastfeeding mamas know all too well that breastfeeding and pumping is a journey with many ups, downs, alternate routes, loops, and all kinds of surprises. While bonding with your baby through feeding is an inimitable experience, some moms may be recommended to feed in a way that benefits themselves or their child.  Pumps for Mom...
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breast pumping tips
Breast pumping is a new experience for many moms with a newborn who already have a lot on their plates. At Pumps for Mom, we want to serve as a resource for all things pumping. We offer guidance throughout the process of getting a free breast pump through insurance, and our blog features helpful information...
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Medela Freestyle Flex™
As one of the hottest breast pumps on the market, the Medela Freestyle Flex™ is an excellent choice for any new mom to consider. With its design and portability, the Medela Freestyle Flex™ is an upgrade made for on-the-go moms who need a pump that they can whip out and use anywhere. At Pumps for...
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