It’s true–a quality breast pump makes life so much easier as a new mom. With breast pumps available through insurance, it is simpler than ever for moms to make the most of their breastfeeding journey. We know it can feel overwhelming to get your to-do list in order before your little one arrives, so we’re here to help! Read below to learn about five things to look for in an insurance breast pump and how the Pumps for Mom team can help.

1. Portability

When it comes to breastfeeding, moms usually like to take advantage of as much flexibility as they can get. Thankfully, breast pumps have been designed for moms on the move. From lightweight pumps that run on rechargeable battery power to fully wearable breast pumps, most of the breast pumps available today give moms the freedom to pump wherever they need to. If you know you’re going to be a mobile mama, focus your search on breast pumps that allow for maximum portability.

2. Customization Options

Breastfeeding may be a natural process, but each mom develops a completely unique breast pumping routine depending on what works best for her. While some moms may need several minutes to encourage let-down and pump slowly, other moms may be able to dive into a pumping session immediately and finish in a few minutes. Breast pumps should reflect the diversity of breastfeeding moms’ needs with options for customization. Some breast pumps even have “smart” customization options where you can track breast milk expression in an app on your smartphone to see which pump settings help you produce the most milk.

3. Suction Strength

Both new and experienced breastfeeding moms need sufficient suction to be sure they can express breast milk comfortably and efficiently. New moms don’t have time to waste sitting next to a breast pump all day, hoping enough milk makes its way into the storage bottle. Many breast pumps come with a range of suction strengths so moms can experiment and find the setting that works best for them. With maximum suction strengths ranging from 220 mmHg to 300 mmHg, moms should look for a breast pump through insurance that provides enough suction to get the breastfeeding job done.

4. Warranty

When moms order a breast pump through insurance, it is usually covered, as it is considered a necessary medical device. If a breast pump breaks, however, a replacement device may not be covered by insurance. This is where the breast pump manufacturer warranty comes in. Nearly every major breast pump manufacturer offers a warranty of at least one year that will provide replacement parts if a pump breaks unexpectedly. If you want to make sure you avoid any expensive replacements, look for an insurance breast pump that offers a long-lasting and full-coverage warranty.

5. Add-Ons or Upgrade Options

Every insurance plan is different, which means every mom will have different options available for their breast pump through insurance. As you browse for the best breast pump for you, verify what your insurance is willing to cover. While some plans will only pay for the most basic pumps, other insurance providers may completely cover upgrade pumps with bags, spare parts, and accessories. Get the most out of your insurance coverage and work with the Pumps for Mom maternity product specialists to see what breast pump and upgrade options may be available to you.

At Pumps for Mom, we are passionate about helping moms find the best possible breast pump through insurance for their unique needs. Every mom is different, and our maternity product specialists are here to help moms through every step of their breastfeeding journey. Our wide range of insurance breast pumps and our simple qualification form make it possible for every mom to find the breast pump for her needs. Qualify for your insurance breast pump today or explore our breast pumps available for direct purchase!