Whether they are a first-time mom or already have a house full of toddlers, moms have their hands full. With such packed schedules and busy to-do lists, expressing breast milk may seem impossible. That’s where a wearable breast pump comes in. These hands-free breast pumps solve a variety of pumping challenges simultaneously, so moms can get on with what’s most important–spending time with their little ones. With fewer parts that need to be cleaned after every pumping session, unmatched convenience, and easy-to-use features, wearable breast pumps are a breastfeeding mom’s new best friend. Learn more about the benefits of wearable breast pumps, and see if you qualify to get a wearable breast pump through insurance with Pumps for Mom


Understandably, one of the main benefits of a wearable breast pump is the incredible convenience compared to a traditional breast pump. Where some breast pumps need to be plugged into a wall outlet or have long tubing that facilitates suction, a wearable breast pump can be placed in any nursing or regular bra and will express breast milk quickly, quietly, and easily. Being able to slip a wearable breast pump into a bra and carry on with a mom’s neverending to-do list completely changes the motherhood game. Due to the compact nature of wearable breast pumps, they are also usually quieter than traditional breast pumps. The Elvie breast pump is the world’s first silent breast pump, so moms can pump anywhere in the house or office without struggling with a loud motor.


Being able to pump without having to find a safe and private room to pump gives moms the ability to provide breast milk for their little one no matter the environment. Many wearable breast pumps are equipped with a rechargeable battery, so moms don’t have to be tethered to a wall outlet and can pump anywhere from the nursery to the grocery store. The Elvie breast pump recharges in around two hours using a micro-USB charger for easy use on the go. Wearable breast pumps allow moms to go about their regular day and take care of every diaper change or load of laundry while pumping completely hands-free. 

Easy to Use

New moms are too busy to read through a complicated instruction manual or constantly disassemble a breast pump to clean it. Accordingly, wearable breast pumps are often designed to be extremely easy to use. For example, the Elvie breast pump has a hands-free design that has no external cords or tubes and features 2-phase expression plus seven levels of suction intensity. This wearable breast pump also has only five parts that need to be cleaned and can be assembled in seconds when you’re done cleaning. By combining reliable convenience, unmatched flexibility, and simple features, wearable breast pumps, like the Elvie breast pump, give moms the features they really need. 

Every mom is different, but there’s a lot to love when it comes to wearable breast pumps. Whether you get a wearable breast pump or transform your traditional breast pump into a hands-free pump with accessories, you can get more done when your day doesn’t have to stop for a breast pumping session.

At Pumps for Mom, we are passionate about helping moms express breast milk in the best way for them and their little ones. With a variety of insurance breast pumps, accessories, and maternity compression products, Pumps for Mom helps new and expectant moms prepare for their breastfeeding journey. We simplify the process of getting your breast pump through insurance, and our experts provide support every step of the way–from getting your prescription to making sure your breast pump arrives at your door. Qualify for your insurance breast pump today!