A Guide to Wearable Breast Pumps

When you’re a mom with a new baby, it’s hard to slow down. Between bonding with your child and making sure your household is running properly, your daily checklist is exhaustive. So when taking time to pump adds one more task to your to-do list, your head may spin. 

Whether you’re a mom who doesn’t want to stop to pump or just wants to take a seat and relax, consider a wearable breast pump! A wearable breast pump is a compact pump that fits comfortably in your bra, giving you full freedom to use your hands. Sold? We are too. 

It’s understandable if you don’t want to slow down just to pump, and you don’t have to. If you’re a mom constantly on the go, a wearable breast pump might be right for you. At Pumps for Mom, we’re passionate about giving moms the tools they need to thrive. The best part about placing your trust in us is that you can obtain a free breast pump through insurance. Below, we’ve written a guide to wearable breast pumps. And just because we want to make sure you have knowledge and access to the best pumps on the market, we’ll also talk about some of the wearable breast pumps you can get through Pumps for Mom. 

How To Use Wearable Breast Pumps

Whether it’s your first time using a breast pump or just your first time with a wearable breast pump, it’s easy to get confused. But have no fear, because Pumps for Mom is here to teach you how to use a wearable breast pump. Be sure to follow your pump’s or doctor’s instructions just in case there are unique specifications you need to follow.

Pick Out the Right Flanges

The first step of using your pump begins before receiving it. Before ordering your dream pump, it’s crucial to ensure your pump comes with correctly sized flanges. The right flange size ensures you have the smoothest and most comfortable pumping experience. Flanges of the right size avoid dreadful nipple damage. 

Wear the Right Bra

Wearable breast pumps fit comfortably inside a standard nursing bra. Avoid using padded or wired bras. They likely won’t allow you to pump without taking them off, and you need all the support you’ll get with a nursing bra. 

Wash Your Hands

Regardless of what pump you pick, it’s important to start your pumping session with clean hands! Since you’ll have full control over your hands with a hands-free pump, your hands might as well be clean. Twenty seconds under the faucet with soap and water will do the trick. 

Prepare to Pump

Once you slip your pumps into your bra, it’s time to begin pumping. Since wearable breast pumps work with independent motors, they’re typically turned on with the simple press of a button or from the convenience of your phone via app. And that’s it!

Getting a Wearable Breast Pump

If you’re a mom who doesn’t want to compromise on comfort and freedom while pumping, a wearable breast pump might be right for you. We have the best pumps on the market in stock waiting for you. Below, you’ll see some of our best and mom-approved wearable pumps that you can get. 

Willow® 3.0

If you thought a pumping experience can’t be luxurious, then you haven’t heard of the Willow® 3.0. The Willow brand is known for its incredible wearable pumps that grant you full mobility while pumping. Willow® 3.0 is completely leak-proof with hospital-grade suction strength. One of the features that makes Willow® 3.0 so unique is that you can track your pumping session straight from your Apple Watch. 

Elvie Stride

Made for moms on the go, the Elvie Stride makes you unstoppable. The Elvie Stride features a sleek design with a cordless motor. It also includes access to an app where you can monitor your pumping. With hospital-strength pumping power, moms can depend on Elvie wearable pumps for all their hands-free needs. 

Zomee Fit

Silent, hands-free, and comfortable, you can have it all with the Zomee Fit. With a long battery life and hospital-grade strength, the Zomee Fit took its inspiration from the brand’s existing double electric motor and created an ideal wearable pump that moms can depend on. 

If you’re sold on a wearable breast pump, allow Pumps for Mom to do the hard work for you. With the help of our experts and our easy-to-fill form, you may qualify for a free wearable breast pump through insurance! Pumps for Mom prides itself on being a one-stop shop for all things maternity tools to help you get started on the right foot. From compression garments and other accessories to best-in-class breast pumps through insurance, we make sure you have all you need to make the most out of maternity. Get started on our form, or contact us today!