Wearable breast pumps are quickly becoming one of the most popular breastfeeding products, thanks to the unmatched simplicity and comfort they offer nursing mamas. However, these devices may not be right for every mom! Read below to learn more about the pros and cons of wearable breast pumps and see if this portable pump is right for you. And if you’re ready to order your wearable breast pump, work with Pumps for Mom!

Pro: Portability

One of the most notable benefits of a wearable breast pump is its defining feature—portability! Wearable breast pumps, also known as hands-free breast pumps, are beloved because they offer unmatched flexibility for moms to pump easily wherever they go. Unlike conventional breast pumps that require AC power and have several feet of tubing, wearable breast pumps are battery-powered and don’t rely on tubing for suction. This flexible power source and the discreet nature of wearable breast pumps give moms the freedom to pump on the go. Additionally, hands-free breast pumps often weigh significantly less than other breast pumps for easy transport and use, with the Elvie breast pump weighing less than half of a pound.

Con: Power

As excellent as the portability of a hands-free breast pump can be, there are always downsides to any product. Because a wearable breast pump is designed to be lightweight and compact, the motors used in these products are often not the most powerful. For example, a hospital-grade breast pump may offer suction up to 300 mmHg, while wearable breast pumps may only offer up to 220 mmHg. This is not necessarily a bad thing! But moms who plan to breast pump exclusively or have a little one with a big appetite may need a pump motor with a little more suction strength. 

Pro: Easy Collection

Hands-free breast pumps are all about making a nursing mom’s life easier. Another benefit of a wearable breast pump is how easy it is for moms to express and collect breast milk. Conventional double electric breast pumps typically operate by using small tubes to express breast milk, which is then collected in bottles that are attached to the breast. These collection bottles can be clunky and uncomfortable. Wearable breast pumps, on the other hand, fit snugly in any bra and collect breast milk in containers attached to the pumping mechanism. No tubes, no tedious assembly—just easy breast milk collection.

Pro: Comfort

Hands-free breast pumps also provide improved support compared to other types of breast pumps. Not only do wearable breast pumps fit comfortably in any regular or nursing bra, but they also help moms feel more at ease when breast pumping in public. Even though breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful process, wearable breast pumps can help moms feel relaxed wherever they are pumping because they are so quiet and discreet. The social and physical comfort offered by hands-free breast pumps is an appealing combination for many moms. 


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