Just because nursing moms have a hungry baby to feed, doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a vacation! Whether traveling as a family or enjoying a solo trip, breastfeeding moms can make the most of any break with a specialized breast pump for travel. These devices may differ from your ordinary breast pump for daily use with improved portability, simple usage, quiet motors, options for battery power, and other helpful features. Learn what to look for when choosing a travel breast pump with help from Pumps for Mom!

Portable Breast Pump

From a short road trip to an international vacation, portability is an essential quality in a travel breast pump. A compact breast pump is easy to pack in a carry-on bag and can come along with mom wherever she goes on her vacation. But the size of the breast pump is not the only feature to consider. Moms should also look for a travel breast pump that is lightweight and does not require significant amounts of tubing so they can pump anywhere from brunch to the beach. Breast pump manufacturers know what moms want, so many portable breast pumps weigh less than one pound and fit in the palm of a mom’s hand to make pumping on the go a breeze.

Easy-to-Use Breast Pump

If a mom is trying to enjoy her vacation, the last thing she wants to be doing is struggling to use a breast pump with confusing controls or a difficult setup process. The best travel breast pumps are not only easy to use while pumping but are also easy to pack, clean, and store after a pumping session. It’s hard to beat wearable breast pumps like Elvie when it comes to being simple to use. But other pumps are also made for easy pumping on the move. For example, the Medela Pump In Style with MaxFlow™ is an extremely portable pump that has an option for battery power, and there are only a few parts to clean after each pumping session.

Battery-Powered Breast Pump

A battery-powered breast pump is not necessarily essential for nursing moms who are traveling, but it can certainly help! Breast pumps that require AC power mean moms can only pump when there is a plug within a few feet. To enjoy the most freedom throughout a vacation and pump whenever needed, moms may want to choose a travel breast pump that has an option for battery power. Breast pumps like the Ameda Mya Joy come with a rechargeable battery, while other pumps like the Lansinoh Smartpump 2.0 can be used with AC power or with AA batteries. 


Nursing moms can do anything they set their minds to, especially with the right tools! Pumps for Mom makes it easy for new and expectant moms to find the breast pump that best meets their needs, whether it is a portable breast pump for travel or a manual pump for occasional expression. Our team of maternity product specialists is focused on helping moms get the ideal breast pump without breaking the bank. Explore our wide range of brands and qualify through insurance today!