Insurance coverage can be confusing, but knowing what your plan includes makes it easier to get the products you need most. Specifically, for new and expectant moms, few products are more essential than breast pumps and postpartum recovery products. Prepare for pregnancy and beyond without breaking the bank with help from Pumps for Mom. Read below to learn more about how to get a breast pump and maternity compression garments through your insurance.

Does insurance cover breast pumps?

In most cases, insurance plans will cover breast pumps with no out-of-pocket costs! Due to extensive research highlighting the benefits of breastfeeding, many insurance companies recognize the potential for preventative health associated with breastfeeding and encourage moms to use breast pumps to help them along the way. Accordingly, the Affordable Care Act requires health insurance plans to cover the cost of a breast pump and other equipment for the full duration of breastfeeding. While few exceptions exist to this requirement from the Affordable Care Act, check with your insurance provider to ensure they will cover your breast pump.

How can I get a breast pump through insurance?

Although insurance plans and specific benefits vary greatly depending on your coverage, the process of getting a breast pump through insurance is mostly the same for each individual. The first step usually involves verifying your coverage with your insurance company to ensure you receive the correct benefits for your plan. As services differ depending on your insurance and plan, some plans may cover any breast pump under a certain dollar amount and other plans cover only certain breast pump brands or models. After verifying your coverage, work with Pumps for Mom to find the breast pump that works best for you. We walk you through every step of the process to get your breast pump delivered as soon as possible. To be sure you get a breast pump that meets the necessary insurance qualifications, work with the Maternity Products Specialists at Pumps for Mom.

Does insurance cover maternity compression garments?

Many new and expectant moms are surprised to discover their maternity compression garments are also available through insurance! These products may sound like a knockoff of shapewear for moms, but in reality, maternity compression garments are medical products designed to support moms through pregnancy and during recovery in the postpartum period. Created to improve blood flow, provide stability, and enhance recovery, maternity compression garments vary in their designs and specific benefits. Specifically, some versions are designed for natural birth, while others are made for cesarean childbirth.

How can I get maternity compression products through insurance?

Like breast pumps, Pumps for Mom makes it easy for moms to get maternity compression products through insurance! Our variety of compression garments are made for every stage of motherhood, from those challenging months of pregnancy as your belly grows to the weeks of recovery after delivery. Pumps for Mom has a team of Maternity Products Specialists who can help confirm your insurance benefits, assist you in getting a prescription, and ensure your compression garment arrives as quickly as possible. Work with Pumps for Mom to find the maternity compression product that is right for you!

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are hard enough without worrying about what your insurance will or will not cover. Get your compression products or breast pump through insurance with the Pumps for Mom team. We’ve got your back, mama!

At Pumps for Mom, we make it as easy as possible for moms to breastfeed successfully. We streamline the process of getting a breast pump through insurance and give moms the support they need from the first months of pregnancy to the postpartum period. Our Maternity Products Specialists are ready to walk new and expectant moms through every step of the process to get a maternity compression product or breast pump through insurance without the hassle. Qualify now for your breast pump through insurance, or contact us today!