Giving birth is just as impressive as any athletic feat. So why are moms so hard on themselves and their postpartum bodies while athletes are winning medals for their hard work? You just birthed another human; your body is powerful. Still, you’re going through many changes, and it’s normal to feel a little off. Sometimes your body may hurt, and it may look different, but you’re a strong, healthy, and fabulous mom who’s got this. Also, Pumps for Mom is here to help; below, we list what to expect postpartum, as well as a few compression products to support your recovery.  

Most bodily changes are expected, but some may be the result of an injury or other concern. While you read this article, remember that you know your body best. If any discomfort persists past the average six-week mark or feels beyond normal, make sure to consult with your healthcare provider. Also, check with them before exercising, having sex, or trying any other strenuous activities right after giving birth. Taking care of yourself is key!

It’s Beautiful

First thing’s first; your postpartum body is beautiful. You just housed a miracle, and you need to embrace the changes that made it possible. You’ll still look pregnant at first, which is normal. Slowly, your skin will tighten, and you’ll lose some of the baby weight. Stretch marks and scars are completely normal, as are hair changes, breast enlargement, and other similar changes related to the hormonal fluctuations resulting from pregnancy and the birthing process.

Most importantly, your postpartum body supports your baby. You’re carrying, holding, and feeding, all while using different parts of your body. Your baby needs you to rest and be easy on yourself so that you have more energy. Don’t worry about immediately trying to lose weight or trim your belly pooch; it’s going to take some time to get back to “normal.”

It Needs to Recover

In addition to aesthetic changes, you’re likely experiencing some bodily pains and soreness. Expect to see discharge, acne, swollen feet, and other unpleasant reactions. Perineum soreness is typical after any stretches or tears that occur during vaginal birth. Try ice packs, warm baths, and prescribed pain medicine to ease discomfort. As far as looseness and irregular bowel movements, strengthen your pelvic floor with Kegel exercises, and you’ll be good to go in no time.  

You may also experience mental health changes like postpartum depression and anxiety. Remember that the baby blues are just part of the recovery process. Stress can hinder healing and exacerbate your symptoms, so take as much time for yourself as you can (we know, easier said than done). If these feelings persist, contact your healthcare provider for proper treatment. Keep in mind that depression is a serious condition that can affect your quality of life if untreated.

Compression Products can Help

Compression garments are helpful tools during postpartum recovery. Different from shapewear, compression garments provide targeted support to offer relief from various issues associated with pregnancy and postpartum discomfort. The following clothes are all available at Pumps for Mom through insurance, depending on your provider:

  • Motherload Maternity Support Band: This band is designed with soft, breathable material for active moms to relieve back, hip, and abdominal pain to reduce sciatica. 
  • Angelica Natural Postpartum Recovery Garment: This belly wrap is perfect for postpartum moms who want to reduce pain and recover faster, as it stabilizes weak and stretched muscles, promotes circulation, and reduces swelling. 
  • Sienna C-Section Recovery Garment: This recovery garment supports the major body parts impacted by the hips, including the hips and lower back and the C-section incision. It promotes healing, reduces scars, helps with swelling and bloating, and provides gentle support and protection while nursing.   
  • Capa Compression Socks: These compression socks reduce swelling and help relieve tired legs. They help with circulation, blood flow, swelling, edema, fatigue, and varicosities.   

While getting to know your postpartum body can be challenging, understand that changes are part of recovery. It’s okay to get frustrated with how you look or feel, but, to your new baby, you’re a goddess. So cut yourself some slack, relax, and give yourself time to heal. If you’re interested in applying for a compression garment through insurance to help speed up the recovery process, reach out to our maternity product experts at Pumps for Mom. We can guide you through the process.