Congratulations on welcoming your new baby into the world, mama! Enjoy these moments as you take care of your little one, but don’t forget to take care of yourself, too. You’ll need to take it slow for a few weeks, and a compression product may help you prioritize your body’s recovery from pregnancy and delivery. Postpartum compression garments are designed to help moms recover more comfortably as they navigate those first few weeks of motherhood. Read below to explore some tips for choosing the best postpartum compression garment and learn how the team at Pumps for Mom can help. 

Keep your delivery method in mind.

A lot of changes come with motherhood. But in those first few weeks after delivery, moms need to be careful to let their body heal based on how they delivered their little one. For moms who delivered vaginally, the abdominal and pelvic muscles need weeks to heal, and a compression product can protect these areas and promote healing. Moms who delivered via C-section need to be especially aware of their incision site and should look for a postpartum compression garment that keeps this area safe and doesn’t strain recovering muscles. For example, the Siena C-section recovery garment offers seamless compression in the hips, lower back, and abdomen. It’s also designed with a side zipper, so moms don’t have to strain their C-section scar to put the product on! 

Learn what your body needs.

Each mom is different and will have different areas that need closer attention throughout her recovery. When choosing a compression garment, take some time to learn what your postpartum body needs. If you are noticing back or abdominal muscle pain, you may want to look into a compression product that focuses on these areas. The Angelica postpartum recovery garment, for example, has seamless support throughout the abdomen with targeted compression through the belly and upper mid-section. If you had trouble with circulation during your pregnancy, you may want to try compression socks to encourage improved circulation through your legs as you recover. You know your body best, so respond to what your body needs with postpartum recovery products! 

Double-check the sizing guide.

It will come as no surprise to new moms that your body has changed a lot in the past nine months! And every change was exactly what your miraculous body needed to make sure your little one arrived safely. When it comes to a postpartum compression garment, your proportions may have changed compared to your size pre-pregnancy. Take an extra minute to look over a compression product’s sizing guide so you can be sure to get the right size and make the most of your postpartum recovery. 


Ready to try a postpartum compression product? Work with Pumps for Mom! Our maternity product specialists can help you find the best compression garment for you, and we can even help you qualify through your insurance. Pumps for Mom is passionate about helping moms feel their best. Whether it’s finding the right insurance breast pump for your lifestyle or exploring maternity compression products, our team is here to support you! Explore our available compression products or qualify for a breast pump through insurance today.