How to Get a Free Breast Pump through Insurance 

New moms have enough on their plates without worrying about where to get a breast pump. The team at Pumps for Mom will help answer any questions you have about what pump is right for you. You may even qualify for a free breast pump through insurance!

We’re here to help guide you through the entire process. This article breaks down why insurance covers breast pumps, which products are available, which insurance companies we partner with here at Pumps for Mom, and how to reach us. Explore your options by reading below! 

The Affordable Care Act

Since the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months due to known health benefits, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act includes provisions that ensure breastfeeding mothers will have access to necessary resources.

Under the act, most health insurance plans must provide coverage for a breast pump, whether it is a purchase or a rental. Plans may specify if the pump they cover is manual or electric, rental duration, or when you can obtain the pump during your pregnancy. The only case in which your insurance won’t cover a breast pump is if it’s grandfathered into old requirements, but this is uncommon. 

Complete Our Online Order Form

Our online form lets mothers fill out their information and connect with one of our experts at Pumps for Mom. Our knowledgeable, caring staff will answer any questions you have and guide you through every step of the process.

We will help you determine if you need a doctor’s prescription and direct you in obtaining one. Then, we will guide you through choosing the right pump for you if you need help. The next step is getting your pump ordered and delivered to your door.

While filling out our form, make sure to let us know your preferred method of contact and we will use that as our primary form of communication. Also, check the state where your insurance is issued, which may not be the same state in which you live. As a final note, you may not receive coverage if you already received a breast pump through another provider. 

Breast Pump Brands Available through Insurance

We offer the best brands in the breast pumps industry at Pumps for Mom, including Ameda, Medela, Spectra, and Lansinoh. Below is an overview of every brand we offer at Pumps for Mom. These brands all bring something unique to the table, and we can recommend each of them for different reasons. Choosing the right pump depends on what is most suitable for you!


Ameda breast pumps provide comfort and efficiency. Moms experience easier pumping with Ameda’s customization settings, convenient portability, and necessary safety features that keep contamination out. 


Ardo is one of the quietest pumps on the market, with decibel readings around 46. In addition to extremely quiet performance, Ardo breast pumps also offer impressive power. They use vacuum seal technology to ensure breast milk gets through without contamination. 


Elvie pumps are light, portable, and offer ultimate convenience for moms on the go. Pumps such as the Elvie Double Electric and Elvie Stride offer comfort and efficiency, making them a perfect choice for new moms. 


Lansinoh, the first Bluetooth-enabled breast pump creator, has been helping moms pump smarter for decades. They prioritize comfortable, effective pumping with features such as dishwasher-safe breast pump parts and optional battery power. 


Medela is one of the most popular breast pump brands on the market, with reliable pumps that help moms express breast milk quickly, efficiently, and safely. For generations, it has been a go-to brand, and most moms love Medela breast pumps. 


Spectra combines power, portability, and an ultra-quiet motor for the ultimate pumping experience. They offer flexibility with options for battery power, customizable pump settings, and unbelievably quiet motors. 


Zomee breast pumps are super convenient, rechargeable, portable, and safe. Breast pumping is easy with the Zomee Z2, allowing comfortable expression due to its small size. 

Maternity Compression Products through Insurance

In addition to breast pumps, we also offer maternity compression products through insurance at Pumps for Mom. We partnered with Body After Baby to provide the best compression products for pregnant moms and those recovering after birth. Designed for active moms and those experiencing postpartum discomfort, the following garments support you during and after pregnancy. 


The Motherload belly band is for active pregnant moms with a comfortable, breathable, moisture-wicking material. It moves synergistically with a mom’s growing belly, and it fits discreetly under clothes. It helps relieve back, hip, and abdominal pain to reduce sciatica. 


The Angelica Postpartum Recovery garment helps reduce pain so postpartum moms can recover faster to regain their strength. No other belly wrap focuses solely on recovery, and the Angelica allows moms to feel comfortable and supported. 


The Sienna is for moms that want to recover from C-sections quickly and comfortably. Unlike C-section panties or postpartum belly bands for vaginal deliveries, the Sienna supports the hips, lower back, and other affected areas in addition to the C-section incision. 


CAPA compressions socks are perfect for active moms during and after pregnancy to help relieve tired legs and reduce swelling. They offer comfortable features and fit in various types of footwear, allowing moms to feel good throughout the day. 

Insurance Plans that Cover Breast Pumps 

Most major health insurance plans cover breast pumps, so look to your provider to see which products they offer. Some of the most common insurance providers we work with at Pumps for Mom include Aetna, United Healthcare, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and more. Browse below to discover typical themes among popular insurance plans. 


Depending on your specific plan, Aetna may offer covered items, including a manual or standard electrical pump (non-hospital grade) during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you get pregnant again before qualifying for a new pump, they may send additional supplies. 

United Healthcare 

Most United Healthcare plans cover a personal-use, double-electric breast pump with no added cost to you. These are the most commonly used pumps, and they are known to imitate the natural suckling of your baby. Most plans do not include coverage of manual pumps or hospital-grade ones. 

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield currently covers one double-electric breast pump per pregnancy. They also cover tubing, breast shields, valves, and storage containers. 


Cigna’s breast pump coverage varies across plans. Those with a range typically get a manual or standard electric breast pump. If there is proof of failure with one of those options, rental of a hospital-grade pump may be deemed medically necessary. 

Upgrade Options

A final component of the breast pump process is whether you qualify for an upgrade or how to pay out of pocket for one. There may be an option through your insurance to upgrade to a hospital-grade pump if you need one, or there may be accessories that come with your pump. Upgrades start as low as $2.00, so make sure to ask during the process to find out how you can get everything you need!

There’s a lot of information to consider when choosing your free breast pump through insurance. It can be hard to find details and confusing to understand which pump is right for you. We’re here to answer your questions and help you find the perfect fit without the hassle of making a million calls. Complete our online form or reach out today to get started!