Why Choose Pumps for Mom for all Your Breast Pump, Pump Accessory, and Maternity Garment Needs

Many new moms expect a few roadblocks when ordering a free breast pump through insurance. Whether they have trouble verifying their coverage or choosing the perfect pump, moms often anticipate the worst when preparing for their breastfeeding journey. However, overcoming these hurdles is easy when you trust Pumps for Mom

If you’re familiar with Pumps for Mom, you know we specialize in helping new and expecting moms get all the tools they need for a smooth transition into motherhood. From top-rated breast pumps to maternity support and recovery garments, you’ll find it all at Pumps for Mom! Not to mention, these products will come at no cost when you order through insurance using Pumps for Mom’s simple, three-step process

In this blog, we’ll explain why Pumps for Mom is the best choice for your breast pump, pump accessories, and maternity garment needs by exploring the following attributes:

  • Simple Ordering Process
  • Extensive Breast Pump Catalog 
  • Industry Expertise
  • Quick Product Shipments

Simple Ordering Process

You can expect the utmost simplicity when ordering an insurance-covered breast pump through Pumps for Mom. Customers have raved about our quick and straightforward ordering process, saying it’s so much easier than going directly through their insurance provider. On your end, all we ask is that you fill out a quick online form or a one-page application to qualify for a breast pump through insurance. Then, we’ll take care of the rest! 

After submitting your form, Pumps for Mom will verify your insurance coverage and contact you to discuss product selection and shipping details. From there, all that’s left to do is ship your breast pump to your door. Oh, and did we mention that shipping is free? It really doesn’t get much simpler than that, mama! 

Extensive Breast Pump Catalog

At Pumps for Mom, we carry one of the largest selections of breast pumps through insurance and various breast pump accessories. When shopping our breast pumps, you’ll find multiple products from some of the market’s leading brands, including Ameda, Ardo, Drive, Elvie, Medela, Lansinoh, Spectra, Willow, and Zomee. And if you want maternity garments through insurance, you’ll see we’ve partnered with Body After Baby to deliver top-quality pregnancy and postpartum compression accessories. We only offer the best of the best! 

Industry Expertise

If you’re looking for a breast pump expert, you’ll find no shortage at Pumps for Mom! Breast pumps and maternity compression garments are our specialty. So, if you have questions about your breast pump selection or insurance coverage, we’re more than happy to answer! Our knowledgeable and caring Maternity Product Specialists promise to be your right hand through it all. Got questions about the ordering process? Or perhaps you’re conflicted between two pump models, like the Willow 3.0 and the Willow Go. You’ll find all the answers you need when you contact us or read our helpful blog

Quick and Free Product Shipments

Every mom’s timeline between ordering a breast pump through insurance and receiving one is different. However, we can assure you that Pumps for Mom will get your breast pump to you as soon as possible! When you order with us, expect to wait 5-7 business days for the order to process. Once we’ve received your order and verified your insurance coverage, we’ll then ship your order at no cost! However, note that your insurance provider might delay shipment depending on your policy stipulations. Sometimes, providers will postpone shipment until your baby is born or until you’ve reached a certain point in your pregnancy. 

Ready for Your Free Breast Pump Through Insurance? 

Are you ready to order your free breast pump through insurance? You’ve come to the right place! At Pumps for Mom, we serve as the liaison between you and your insurance provider to ensure your breast pump comes at no cost to you. Shop our comprehensive catalog of top-rated breast pumps, and head to our form or contact us today to get one through insurance.