Parents are no strangers to investments. Everything about raising a baby is an investment—in their future, in their abilities, in their long-term health. In order to invest in their little ones, moms also need to invest in themselves by prioritizing maternity products that make their lives easier. Hands-free breast pumps are some of the newest products that moms are investing in, thanks to outstanding features that make breast pumping easier. Read below to learn more about the benefits of hands-free breast pumps and why one of these devices may be worth your attention. 

Hands-free breast pumps help moms save time.

Breast pumping is a time-consuming process. The actual task of pumping can eat up hours of a new mom’s day, not to mention the other things that need to get done when using a breast pump. For example, the CDC recommends cleaning all parts of a breast pump after every use, which can add at least another five or ten minutes to every pumping session. Hands-free breast pumps streamline the process by helping moms multitask during pumping sessions and save time on cleaning. Many hands-free breast pumps come without the small parts like tubing and flanges that need to be cleaned regularly in a typical breast pump.

Moms can do more with a hands-free breast pump.

Of course, the most well-known benefit of a hands-free breast pump is the flexibility moms can enjoy. While some breast pumps may need to be plugged into a wall or have long tubing to navigate, hands-free breast pumps give moms the ability to take care of business while they are pumping. This means a mom can cuddle with her little one, send emails, start the dishwasher, and take a nap, all during a pumping session. Providing breast milk to a baby is already a massive physical and emotional commitment, so it is always a win for moms when they can reclaim some of their time with a hands-free breast pump. 

Some moms may qualify for a hands-free breast pump through insurance.

The only thing better than a hands-free breast pump is a hands-free breast pump covered by insurance. And while every health insurance plan may not completely cover a hands-free breast pump, some moms may be able to get a portion of their pump paid for with insurance. Pumps for Mom can help new and expectant moms learn exactly what their unique insurance plan covers and find the best solution for hands-free breast pumping. From hands-free Freemie collection cups to the silent and wearable Elvie pump, moms have several options to make the most of their breast pumping journey.


At Pumps for Mom, we want to make breast pumping easier and more accessible for moms everywhere. That’s why our maternity product specialists are here to help moms find the best breast pumps through insurance. From innovative hands-free breast pumps to well-known brands, our broad selection makes it possible for moms to find the breast pump that meets their exact needs. Explore our available breast pumps through insurance and qualify for your device today!