5 Things No One Tells New Moms About Breastfeeding

When it comes to raising a child, parents know to expect the unexpected. And while dirty diapers and outgrown onesies are no surprise, many moms find that they are unprepared for their breastfeeding journey. New and expectant moms deserve to know exactly what they are getting into when they decide to start breastfeeding—the good, the bad, and the beautiful. That’s why Pumps for Mom is sharing five things no one tells new moms about breastfeeding. Read below to learn more!


Breastfeeding should not hurt. 

Throughout the discomfort of pregnancy, moms are often expected to grin and bear it. And while breastfeeding may not be the most relaxing activity, nursing moms should not power through and ignore pain during breastfeeding. In many cases, experiencing pain while breastfeeding is a sign that something is not going right. From an insecure latch to struggles with breast milk supply, there are a lot of factors that can make breastfeeding more difficult and painful. New moms who are experiencing pain during breastfeeding should talk with their doctor, get in touch with a lactation consultant, or try breast pumping instead.

Breastfeeding may not always be easy. 

Because breastfeeding is a natural process and is so widely recommended for newborns, expectant moms may think that breastfeeding will come without any challenges. Some moms are certainly able to breastfeed without issues. But in many cases, new mamas will have to adjust how they breastfeed at one point or another. It can take time to find a comfortable breastfeeding position, perfect your little one’s latch, build up supply, and learn how to breastfeed in general. Try to be patient, especially in those early days and weeks of breastfeeding, and know that you and your little one will learn to work together. 

A breast pump can help in unexpected ways.

When things get hard, a breast pump may be able to make breastfeeding easier. If a new mom feels worn out with the responsibility of handling feedings day and night, a breast pump makes it possible for someone to help out with feedings. Expressed breast milk can easily be stored so that any parent, grandparent, or friend can lend a hand. Using a breast pump also offers additional benefits like helping moms regulate their breast milk supply and making it possible for moms to continue providing breast milk even if they are away from their little ones. 

Health insurance may cover more than you think.

Expectant moms know that being pregnant comes with endless doctor’s visits and health screenings. Health insurance pays for the cost of many of these visits, but that’s not all your medical coverage can do. The health benefits of breastfeeding are recognized for moms and babies, so insurance providers want to encourage breastfeeding as much as possible. This means moms may be able to get a breast pump, accessories, and even postpartum recovery garments covered by insurance. Pumps for Mom makes it easy for new and expectant mamas to qualify through insurance and order maternity products to make breastfeeding easy.

Fed is best.

When it comes down to it, a full baby is a happy baby. While most medical professionals recommend breast milk as the ideal form of nutrition for newborns, a baby is not at a lifelong disadvantage if they don’t receive breast milk. Infants will continue to grow and develop whether moms breastfeed, rely on a breast pump to express breast milk, use formula, or combine all of these nutritional sources. As long as you are feeding according to guidance from a medical professional, ignore the judgment that can come from parenting communities and know that you are doing what is best for your baby. 


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