Today, the world expects moms to raise their babies, take care of their homes, and work full time. Oh, and they do all of that while they are breastfeeding. Moms can do it all, but that doesn’t mean it is always easy! Transitioning back to work after having a baby can be a challenge, but with the right support from their families and coworkers, nursing moms can make pumping at work convenient. Read below to learn some tips and tricks for successfully pumping at work with help from Pumps for Mom!

Communicate with your boss and coworkers.

Experts always say that communication is key to any relationship, and the same is true for moms in the workplace! Employers who have never worked with nursing moms before may not know what would be most helpful for moms who need to pump. When breastfeeding moms express their needs, they are more likely to get accommodations that make pumping at work easier. 

For example, if a pregnant mom explains to her boss that she will need a private, designated space to pump when she returns from maternity leave, that gives businesses time to find a room that will work for everyone. And a mom’s request to pump in private is backed up by the law, so don’t settle for substandard treatment from an employer.

Get the right products to feel prepared.

A prepared mama is a happy mama. And the same goes for nursing moms who are getting ready to pump at work. The right products can make a monumental difference in breastfeeding moms feeling their best as they return to the workplace. The setup of a mom’s office can impact which breast pumping products would be most helpful on her breastfeeding journey. For example, if a mom has access to a private refrigerator, she would probably benefit most from breast milk storage bags to store her expressed breast milk during the day. Moms who don’t have access or don’t want to use their office fridge need a portable cooler or personal mini-fridge to keep their breast milk safe.

No matter how an office is set up or where a mom pumps, a portable breast pump that is lightweight and easy to use gives moms essential flexibility as they pump. Although most providers will only cover one breast pump through insurance for each pregnancy, some moms may also want to buy a spare breast pump out-of-pocket or use a hand pump in the place where they pump less often. 

Make breast pumping work for you.

Our final tip is to remember that every mom’s breastfeeding journey is unique. Moms who have maternity leave or other time off work after giving birth may notice certain things that make breastfeeding or pumping easier. For example, some moms find that looking at pictures or videos of their baby can help encourage let-down and make a pumping session run smoothly. Successfully pumping at work comes when moms make their routines into whatever they need them to be. 

Some new moms may get stressed about the work time they lose during a pumping session. Moms who feel like this can try to find ways to be productive while they pump! Something like answering a few emails during a pumping session or even organizing tasks for the rest of the day in their head can make moms feel like they are using their time more efficiently. Moms who feel like they need more time to pump may need to have a conversation with their boss or a human resources representative. There is no federal protection for how long moms get to pump at work, so a mom may need to reach out to a coworker and ask them to help out with work while she is pumping. 


Moms can achieve whatever they set their minds to, and Pumps for Mom is here to help! With the best breast pumps through insurance and essential products like breast pump storage bags, we have the products that moms need to pump like the bosses they are. Our maternity products specialists work directly with moms to help them find the right products covered by their insurance. Browse our breast pumps and qualify for yours through insurance today!