A Breakdown of the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Starter Set
If you’re in the market for a breast pump, you’ve likely heard of the Medela Pump in Style. Created by the #1 recommended breast pump brand, the Medela Pump in Style has been a top pick among new and expecting moms since its debut. So, if you haven’t heard of the Medela Pump in Style...
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Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Willow Breast Pump
While becoming a mom is a beautiful experience, many parts of the job are not so glamorous. Cleaning a breast pump can be one of these tedious, messy, and not-so-glamorous tasks. However, you can find beauty in the cleaning process with the right tips and tricks to maintain an efficient breast pump cleaning routine.  At...
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What is a Closed System Breast Pump?
If you’ve done your research on breast pumps, you’ve likely heard of the term closed system. However, this term might get lost among lots of other maternity jargon, making it difficult to truly comprehend what it means and how it could benefit you and your little one throughout your breastfeeding journey. Luckily, that’s where we...
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Postpartum Edema: Understanding and Managing Swelling After Birth
After carrying your little one for nine months, you’ve probably gotten used to your body swelling, particularly in your hands, feet, or face. For many moms, this swelling doesn’t stop after they give birth, with many experiencing what is known as postpartum edema, commonly called postpartum swelling.  At Pumps for Mom, we aim to make...
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Bagged and Ready: Your Essential Guide to Hospital Bag Packing
If your due date is just around the corner, it might be time to start prepping your hospital bag. From snacks and drinks to blankets and pillows for your hospital stay, you never know what might come in handy when the big day comes! Luckily, we have a handy-dandy packing checklist so you’ll have everything...
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What does My Breast Milk Color Mean_ A Complete Guide to Understand Breast Milk Color
If you’re a first-time mama, you’ve likely done your research on the benefits of breast milk. However, you might not know that your breast milk can change colors. Most of the time, this change of shade is normal. But in the case that it’s not, it’s important to know when to call a healthcare professional. ...
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How Soon After Birth Should You Pump or Breastfeed
Maintaining a breast pumping schedule can be challenging, especially on top of all the other responsibilities new motherhood entails. However, like most things in life, breast pumping is easier when you have a plan, which typically begins with knowing when and how to get started. So, whether you plan to pump occasionally or full-time, let...
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Why Choose Pumps for Mom for all Your Breast Pump, Pump Accessory, and Maternity Garment Needs
Many new moms expect a few roadblocks when ordering a free breast pump through insurance. Whether they have trouble verifying their coverage or choosing the perfect pump, moms often anticipate the worst when preparing for their breastfeeding journey. However, overcoming these hurdles is easy when you trust Pumps for Mom.  If you’re familiar with Pumps...
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How To Know You're Ordering The Right Breast Pump Through Insurance For You
You’ll never be short on options when it comes to breast pumps. From lightweight, portable pumps to heftier ones with hospital-grade horsepower, there are all kinds of makes and models suited to different mommy lifestyles. However, with ample options also comes a huge decision: choosing the right breast pump for you.  At Pumps for Mom,...
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The Timeline Between Ordering a Breast Pump Through Insurance and Receiving One
When it comes to having a baby, a lot of things can be done at your own pace. From creating a nursery to choosing a name for your little one, most moms have lots of flexibility throughout their pregnancy to prepare for their baby’s arrival. However, unlike other mom-to-be responsibilities, ordering a breast pump through...
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