The last few months of pregnancy can be exciting and beautiful as your belly continues to grow and every day brings you closer to meeting your baby. However, there is a lot to get done before your little one comes home! From setting up the nursery to stocking up on diapers, it can take some serious preparation to be ready for a newborn. Pumps for Mom is here to help! Read below to explore some of our tips to help expectant moms prepare for motherhood during their third trimester of pregnancy.

Order your breast pump through insurance.

Whether you are set on using a breast pump consistently, or you are still deciding if breastfeeding is right for you, the third trimester is an excellent time for expectant moms to qualify for their breast pump through insurance. There are many different insurance plans that cover a variety of breast pumps for nursing moms, but it can be difficult for moms to know exactly what their insurance covers. Pumps for Mom can help! Our maternity product specialists can verify moms’ unique coverage with insurance providers so that moms get the insurance breast pump that meets their needs. Plus, ordering a breast pump through insurance during the third trimester can help moms receive their breast pump with plenty of time before their little one arrives.

Prepare for postpartum recovery.

The final result of labor and delivery is a beautiful baby, but that doesn’t always mean it is easy to get there! Pregnancy and giving birth can take a toll on the body. And as ready as a new mom may be to dive into full-time motherhood, her body will need time to recover. One of the easiest ways to recover comfortably is with a postpartum recovery garment. These specially designed compression products provide targeted support to the areas of new moms’ bodies that have been through the most during pregnancy and delivery, like the abdomen and back. Take this time in the third trimester to prioritize your postpartum recovery by ordering a maternity compression garment through insurance.

Stock up on breastfeeding essentials.

New moms have their hands full in the best way. But having a baby in one arm and a breast pump in the other means moms don’t have time for a midday shopping trip. The third trimester of pregnancy is the ideal time to stock up on breastfeeding essentials like breast milk storage bags, hands-free collection cups, or even a manual breast pump so you can be ready for any breastfeeding emergency. Having plenty of these important items can help moms build up breast milk supply and store expressed breast milk safely for use in the future.


For new and expectant moms who want to breastfeed like a pro, Pumps for Mom has got your back. With our wide range of insurance covered breast pumps and compression products, Pumps for Mom has the products and the expertise to help moms prepare for motherhood and breastfeeding without the stress. Our maternity product specialists will work with you through every step of the process and verify your unique insurance benefits, so you can get the best breast pump for you without breaking the bank. Qualify today!