Postpartum compression garments have come a long way from the traditional girdles of previous generations. Today’s postpartum recovery products are more comfortable, supportive, and versatile than ever before, but all garments available today do not provide identical benefits. Read below to explore five important qualities to look for in a postpartum compression garment and how you can qualify through insurance with help from Pumps for Mom

Targeted Support

Postpartum compression garments are designed to help moms recover from pregnancy and delivery, so targeted support is essential. High-quality compression products should be created with support panels that provide the ideal amount of structure for the garment along with seamless construction for optimal comfort. For new moms, the muscles in the back and abdomen are particularly weakened, so a postpartum compression garment should provide relief to these areas. Look out for products that emphasize support in these particular parts of the body.


Shapewear products are notoriously uncomfortable for women to wear for long periods of time, but postpartum compression products are designed with guidance from medical professionals to provide support and comfort simultaneously. And while postpartum recovery garments rely on a certain amount of compression, a new mom should still feel comfortable as she wears one of these products. In addition to targeted support, a garment designed with breathable, moisture-wicking fabric can help moms stay relaxed as they focus on their body’s recovery. Ideally, new moms should look for compression garments that are made with comfortable and lightweight materials. 

Options for Specialized Recovery

Not all postpartum compression garments are created equally. There is a wide range of compression products, with some designed to support moms after a vaginal delivery, others made for moms who have had a cesarean section, and even more products made for relief during pregnancy. Moms can make the most of their recovery by looking for a postpartum recovery product with unique designs depending on their delivery method. For example, a compression product for vaginal deliveries will feature extra support around the pelvis in case of perineal tears and episiotomy incisions. In C-section recovery garments, there should be special support to protect the incision site, and it should be easy to get on and off so moms don’t have to strain after major surgery.


It can be hard for moms to prioritize a peaceful recovery with a newborn in the house. But a postpartum recovery garment should be versatile and comfortable enough for a mom to feel supported while she cares for her new bundle of joy. Unlike shapewear, which prioritizes appearances over wearability, postpartum recovery garments are made so moms can continue to go about their daily lives uninterrupted. Specifically, these products can easily be worn under clothes and are made with breathable materials so moms can prioritize their postpartum recovery no matter what they are wearing or what their newborn needs. 

Insurance Coverage

Going through pregnancy and delivery comes with its fair share of challenges, but thankfully, health insurance can help. With some coverage options, moms may be able to get postpartum recovery garments through insurance with no out-of-pocket fees. These products are considered to have distinct medical benefits, which is why certain insurance providers will cover the cost of these products through partners like Pumps for Mom. Our maternity product specialists can help new and expectant moms get a prescription from their doctor, verify their insurance coverage, and order their compression product in a few simple steps. 


Pregnancy and parenthood are no joke. Pumps for Mom is here to help. Our experts are happy to work with new and expectant moms to understand their insurance coverage and order the right products so moms can focus on what’s most important—spending time with their little ones. Whether supporting moms during pregnancy and postpartum with compression products or working with moms to find the best insurance breast pump for them, we are passionate about helping parents get the products they need.