Mamas-to-be know that some baby products sound too good to be true. A swing that soothes your baby instantly? No way. A changing table that always stays clean? Not going to happen. And some moms may see breast pump providers claim to offer a free breast pump through insurance and wonder if this is just another marketing claim. Pumps for Mom is here to clear up the confusion. Read below to learn the truth behind the claim that moms can get a free breast pump through insurance. 

Does insurance cover breast pumps? 

It is impossible to say whether every insurance provider will cover every breast pump on the market because there are so many variations of insurance plans. Plus, there are so many different kinds of breast pumps that insurance providers will not universally cover all devices. And any breast pump provider that says that they work with all insurance plans and offer all breast pumps at no cost may not be telling the truth. The good news is that most insurance plans will cover the cost of a breast pump for expectant or new moms.

How can I get a free breast pump through insurance?

Getting a free breast pump through insurance is surprisingly simple for expectant moms, especially when they work with Pumps for Mom. Our simple qualification form takes just a few minutes to fill out, and then moms are on their way to a free breast pump through insurance. We can verify your insurance coverage, show you which breast pumps are available with your plan, and determine if we need any other information like a prescription to get your breast pump covered. Many moms can get a double electric breast pump completely covered by their insurance with help from our maternity product specialists.

What kind of free breast pumps through insurance are available?

A free breast pump is always appealing, but no one wants to sacrifice performance when it comes to something as important as breastfeeding. Thankfully, the passage of the Affordable Care Act gives insurance providers an incentive to help moms breastfeed successfully by recognizing the long-term medical benefits of breast milk. Many of the most popular insurance plans across the country cover more than a manual or single breast pump. It is most common for insurance providers to cover a double electric breast pump from popular brands like Medela, Ameda, Lansinoh, Spectra, and more. 


Moms have an endless amount of decisions to make before their little one arrives. Pumps for Mom is here to help! Our maternity product specialists have the experience and knowledge to help new and expectant moms find the breast pump or compression product that meets their needs and is covered by their insurance provider. Learn more about our available products and qualify for your free breast pump through insurance today!