As beautiful as it can be to create new life, pregnancy can be uncomfortable for many moms-to-be. With swollen feet, back pain, and a continually growing belly, expectant moms welcome any opportunity to feel a little more comfortable. Thankfully, relief from this discomfort may be more attainable than you think. Maternity compression products are designed to help moms feel their best during pregnancy and throughout their recovery. Specifically, maternity compression socks are made to help relieve some of the most common pains of pregnancy–swollen and tired legs. Learn more about compression socks and how you may be able to get a free pair of maternity compression socks through insurance.


What are maternity compression socks?

These specially designed garments are created by medical professionals to improve circulation, reduce swelling, and limit fatigue in expectant moms. Many people may rely on compression socks if they are on their feet for long periods of time or are susceptible to blood clots, but compression socks can be especially beneficial for pregnant women. As pregnancy progresses, it is common for moms to experience swelling and fatigue in their legs, which can make it uncomfortable to stay active during their pregnancy. Maternity compression socks help expectant moms improve circulation, reduce swelling, and stay comfortable for all nine months of pregnancy. In addition to providing gradual compression, well-made compression socks for expectant moms should also have breathable fabric, arch support, and heel cushioning to reduce the pain of staying on your feet.

How can I get maternity compression socks?

While it may seem easiest to order compression socks online or in stores, these products may not be the right level of compression for moms, and they won’t be covered by insurance. With a prescription, maternity compression socks may be completely covered by your health insurance. While it can feel silly to ask your doctor to prescribe a pair of socks, these serve a medical purpose for pregnant moms struggling with swelling and discomfort. To make sure your insurance will cover your maternity compression socks, work with a medical device provider like Pumps for Mom. We can walk you through every step of the process and even help you get a prescription from your doctor if you don’t have one.

Can I get other maternity compression products through insurance?

Pregnancy is physically demanding, and compression socks are just the beginning of the maternity compression products available to moms. In addition, there are maternity belly bands that are designed to relieve pressure and strain on the back, as well as specific garments made to help moms recover from the physical stress of labor and delivery. Many insurance plans will completely cover the cost of these products if you get a prescription from your doctor. 

Becoming a mother is hard enough, not to mention the challenges that come after your little one is born. Talk with your doctor or one of the experts at Pumps for Mom to see if a maternity compression garment could be right for you.


At Pumps for Mom, we are committed to helping moms feel their best throughout every step of their journey to motherhood. Whether you are looking for the best insurance breast pump for you or your doctor has recommended a maternity compression product, the experts at Pumps for Mom are here to help make motherhood a little bit easier. Work with our team to find the best maternity compression products for you.