What You Need to Know About Insurance and Breast Pump Prices

Did you know that most insurance providers cover breast pumps to some degree? Pumps for Mom is here to help you discover your coverage options or determine how much money your perfect breast pump costs if you buy it directly. Below, we detail how to get your free breast pump through insurance, the typical prices for paying out-of-pocket, and detailed information about what is available to you as a new mom. 

Breast Pumps through Insurance

You can most likely get your breast pump through insurance. Most insurance companies adhere to the Affordable Care Act’s policy that requires insurers to provide a breast pump plan for nursing mothers. At Pumps for Mom, we guide you through the process of getting your pump through insurance. We work with many insurance providers, including popular ones like Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, Tricare, and more. 

Typical Breast Pump Prices

Breast pumps range in price if you pay out-of-pocket instead of going through insurance. Prices vary and are apt to change, but below is a brand breakdown to give you a better idea of pricing at Pumps for Mom:

How to Get a Breast Pump through Insurance

While most plans cover breast pumps, they all work differently and reimburse at different rates. Pumps for Mom will verify your coverage and eligibility after receiving your breast pump order. We then ensure every mom gets the best pump possible by maximizing their benefits. Our team helps you find the best pump for your needs. Simply fill out our order form and see what your insurance plan covers. We ensure all moms can afford a high-quality breast pump through our competitive self-pay options and payment plans. 

Upgrade Your Breast Pump

If you’re interested in upgrading from the breast pumps your insurance offers, a few options are available. You can typically pay the difference to upgrade your breast pump. Upgrades often include packages with accessories such as bottles, parts, breast pump carrying bags, and more. Your dedicated Pumps for Mom Maternity Products Specialist will help you with this decision.

Does Insurance Cover Maternity Compression Garments?

Yes! Depending on your coverage, you may qualify for maternity compression garments in addition to a pump. Compression pieces include support bands, recovery garments, and socks. They promote healing and shaping for mothers during and after pregnancy.  

Pumps for Mom

Pumps for Mom is here to help with all your breast pumping needs. We’ll guide you through the process of qualifying for insurance-covered pumps and help you find an affordable pump if you don’t have coverage. You can sit back and relax, mama, because we’ll take care of you! Finding the right breast pump is essential, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Every pump has individual characteristics, so it’s all about finding the best fit for you. If you have any questions or need help navigating insurance, reach out today!