Newborns have done a lot of growing in the nine months before they are born, and they need plenty of nutrients to keep developing physically, mentally, and emotionally. So whether parents are ready or not, living with a newborn means their world revolves around what can feel like countless feedings every day and night. It can be challenging to know how to prepare for a growing baby, but Pumps for Mom is here to help by providing information without mommy-shaming! Read below to explore some essential things to know about feeding your baby and how a breast pump may be able to help!

Fed is best.

As with most aspects of parenting, everyone has an opinion about the best way to feed a baby. Where one parent says breastfeeding is the only way to go, another may say that formula provides more nutrients for babies and more freedom for moms. Medical experts and research have clearly defined the benefits that breastfeeding can provide for moms and babies, but it is important to remember that a fed baby is best, no matter what they eat. Babies are nothing if not resilient, and they can become healthy toddlers with formula or breast milk! 

Breastfeeding takes practice.

Although breastfeeding is an instinctive process, that does not mean it comes naturally to every mom or baby. A new mama may be doing absolutely everything recommended by a doctor or lactation consultant, but her baby may not be able to latch consistently. On the other hand, a baby might have an excellent latch, but mom may be struggling with breast milk supply. Breastfeeding requires collaboration between moms and babies, with a lot of things going right, so it makes sense that new mamas take some time to practice and find their breastfeeding rhythm.

Every mom and baby is different.

No matter how a mom is feeding her baby, there must be an element of adaptation to meet the unique needs of each little one. What worked for one mom will likely not work for another, and moms may even need to change their feeding strategy for each child they have. From various breastfeeding positions to the breast pump that works best, moms need to be ready to adapt to conditions that are different from other moms’ experiences. As helpful as advice from other parents can be, every mom must be able to hear these opinions from others and recognize that it may not be right for her and her little one.

Feeding a baby can be expensive.

Everything from diapers to bottles adds up over time, so many parents are looking for opportunities to save a few dollars whenever possible. Breastfeeding can be a natural money-saver because moms can provide breast milk for every feeding without spending any money. While building up a supply of formula would be costly and take up a significant amount of space, storing expressed breast milk can be simple, safe, and cost-efficient.

Don’t be afraid to try something new.

For parents who have already decided how they want to feed their little one when he or she arrives, remember that nothing is permanent when it comes to newborns! Moms who have decided to breastfeed may have a few positions or let-down strategies that work for a little while and then are suddenly less effective. The key is to be flexible and always willing to try something new! Moms and babies have to work together to breastfeed, so if a certain feeding strategy isn’t working, don’t be afraid to switch things up or lean on a breast pump for some added flexibility.

There are lots of strong opinions about how to raise a baby “the right way.” At Pumps for Mom, we recognize that every family is unique, and moms need the freedom to find what works best for them! For moms who are ready to order their breast pump through insurance, the Pumps for Mom maternity product specialists have your back. We can verify your insurance coverage, help you find the best breast pump for you, and keep you updated through every step of the process. Get ready to feed your baby, and qualify for your breast pump through insurance today!